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winter/snow tires

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Hello. Just purchased my first MB ever and love it. It is a 2021 GLE 450. I traded an Audi Q7 but have winter tires from the Audi with 1 plenty of tread left. The tires are 265 50/20 and the tires on my GLE are 275 50/20. The place where I bought the tires said they will fit but wasn't 100% they would be compatible with the computer or brakes. Does anyone know?
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Hey, I wouldn't recommend using it because of the smaller overall wheel diameter
obviously... buy new ones that will be the same size. congrats with the purchase, man!
I recently changed tires not only for a car, but also for tracks for a snowmobile, and who is interested here, I ordered them from Composit. In general, I recommend everyone to ride snowmobiles.This is a very exciting activity for absolutely everyone, but there are limitations.If you don't know how to have fun, then this is the best choice for me.
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