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Wind Noise?

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I start to hear wind noise (a whistling sound) from what I believe to be my driver's side window when going faster than 70km/h or 45mph.

Does anyone else have this problem? It is incredibly annoying.

I had the dealership replace the seal on the driver's side door but it didn't help. I have tried driving with the side mirrors tucked in (as a test) and that didn't help either....

Any advice?
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You think it's possible the noise could be coming from somewhere else around that area, like some area of the windshield closest to it?
It really sounds like the driver's side window but maybe it is the corner of the windshield... I've done quite a bit of research online and wind noise caused by a faulty windshield has popped up a few times (with other vehicles).

I'm hoping this forum tells me I'm the only one that is having this problem and that this isn't normal for the GLE.
After multiple trips to the dealership over the last two months, MB has been unable to fix the problem. Curious to know if anyone else has experienced this? I'm incredibly frustrated...
I'll listen for the wind noise when I get my GLE back from the dealership for changing out the muffler system. It has been some four months and so long 4800 miles of exhaust noise :/
Wondering if you can tape up the seal and see if the wind noise disappears. If it does, then that mean the GLE seal is the culprit.
This might seem an odd suggestion, but have you checked to see whether there is anything sticking out, out of place, or missing underneath the vehicle?

On BMW E38s (7-Series from 1995-2001), a missing jack pad on the frame rail would whistle in such a way the driver would perceive the sound coming from the windshield, sunroof, or toop of the door frame.
PROBLEM SOLVED. Finally! The wind noise was being generated by the roof racks running front-to-back. The seals between the roof and the racks were replaced and voila!
Great to hear you solved your problem, and shared the resolution.
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