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Struggling with Waze in Android Auto

Just took delivery yesterday and have Android Auto set up. It works fine, but there are a few things I can't figure out when using Waze as my navigation program in AA:

1) On the car's screen, there is a menu (3 bars) in the upper left. How do I access that?
2) When providing directions, half the screen is filled with a box showing the next turn – direction and distance. Can that be minimized or turned off? Using the app on the phone without Android Auto this appears at the very top as a thin bar, taking up very little screen real estate.
3) When a hazard or police are reported ahead, these fill that same directions box. Can that be minimized? Also, there are two buttons for those warnings – “Not there” and a thumbs up. I can’t figure out how to access those to leave feedback.
4) How do I report conditions? On the phone, there is a button to do that. I don't see how to do that from AA.
5) I had hoped to have the phone app and the car app running side by side. Is that possible? AA takes over the phone from what I can tell, but maybe there is a setting that will let me control the app from either device. My hope was to use the large screen for better visibility, but use the phone for the interface on the functions.


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