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Small problems shouldn’t happen

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2022450 GLE -
1. Paint coming off wood look center consuls
2. Rear USB port quit working
3. Chrome strip on rear hatch coming off -3M tape problem
4. LED light on passenger door not working.

type small quality problems on a car in the 80k MSRP just shouldn’t happen.
Dealer repaired but - I honestly reviewed on dealer website and my review disappeared.

messy way to keep 5 star status.
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Yeah , we got our 2022 GLE 450 AMG and so far not impressed for such an expensive vehicle.
  • keyless entry doesnt work 50% of the time. You have to use the FOB. Also randomly get a message that key fob has left the vehicle. Dealer first attempt to fix it didn’t do anything.
  • Radio keeps going back to lowest channel With Sirius it always goes back to 0 when you enter.
  • AC randomly will not blow cold and now the fan motor sounds like a cessna.

This really shouldn’t be happening for a car that is 6 months old. Hope this gets better .
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