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Resonator Delete

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Hi Guys

I like how the GLE 450 coupe exhaust sound, but I thought the engine star up could be a little louder. Even starting in SPORT+ mode, it sounds pretty mild compared to the last 2 cars I owned (Ghibli SQ4 and 911S)

I went to a local custom exhaust shop yesterday and had them lift up the car. So there are 2 small resonators in the mid section, crossed at a X pipe, then jointed in a large muffler in the end. The shop owner told me that by deleting the 2 small resonator won't make a big difference. The only way is by replacing the big muffler in the end. But I am not looking for a big annoying sound. Just a little more aggressive sound at start up will be enough. Does any one have any mod done with the exhaust yet?

Also, I noticed the resonators have AMG stamped on them. I wonder if I deleted them, will it take away the special backfire sound. I do not want that to happen.
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I think if anything the resonator delete will enhance the backfire sound, resonator deletes almost always makes a car sound louder.

Have you by any chance searched for MB's running the same engine? Might be some examples out there that aren't from a GLE.
Not yet, but now I will.

Also, I noticed that GLE 63S, "dynamic sports exhaust" is an option (see below detail copy from the website). Is Mercedes Benz saying the standard 450 AMG exhaust is something the 63S model has to opt in? I thought 63S sounds a lot more aggressive than 450

The powerful sound of an AMG Sport model is one of its many sensory delights. From its startup growl to its assertive rumble when you open the throttle, the GLE450 AMG exhaust system's free-flow design delivers an audible celebration of power with every upshift, downshift and rev. Computer-controlled vanes near the tailpipes further enrich the soundtrack in the Sport and Sport+ modes of DYNAMIC SELECT
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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