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Radio Ease of Use-PLEASE HELP!

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Hello! I just bought my first Benz-a 2021 GLE 350 4matic. While I love MOSTLY everything about this car, there are some questions I’ve had that my dealer, the manual and MeConnect have not been able to answer for me. The most pressing one I have is in regards to the radio. I have my presets set up and my middle console on my instrument cluster set to “Radio —> Presets,” but:

1) Sometimes it seems to forget that I set the middle cluster to “presets” and I’ll find myself scrolling through ALL the radio stations when scrolling via the steering wheel. Then, I have to press the steering wheel button again to re-select “presets.” This is so distracting and I just want it to remember my presets! Does anyone else have any problems with this?
2) I can’t seem to find an easier way to change the channels from the main screen other than scrolling over (whether it’s via the main touchpad or the right-hand steering wheel button) and then pressing the button. This is so tedious! Why can’t they just make it such that when you scroll to the station, it changes to it? All this scrolling + button clicking is also very distracting.
3) Why can’t they figure out a way to put up the song info in the instrument cluster, particularly when the radio option is selected for the middle console. I’ve tried selecting the radio for the left-most screen but, when I want to change channels, it just cycles through the display options like the speedometer etc. It would be SO HELPFUL to have the artist/song information up in the middle screen while having Waze or navigation on the main screen but I find myself switching back and forth on the main screen between navigation and the radio just so I can see who’s singing etc while using either said Waze or navigation.

My last car was a Rav4 and the beauty was in its simplicity of changing the channels, something I greatly appreciate now. I love the luxury features of my Benz, but the problems I have with the lack of ease in using the radio make simply listening to the radio very frustrating and a safety hazard for me. My husband is looking into purchasing a Porsche Mscan S, and I’m jealous - after even just a brief look-through - that their radio features seem to be a lot more user-friendly (they even have song info on one of the instrument dash displays!)

ANY HELP would be so greatly appreciated! I just want to love EVERYTHING about this car, but I’m disappointed and feeling a bit deflated by the difficulty I’ve had with maneuvering the radio. I feel like all of these things could be solved with an easy update, but what do I know it’s my first MB. THANKS!
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