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Please help me figure pairing the key fob to my profile

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Still learning the ins & outs of the GLE350.

I would like to learn how to program the key fobs to match the profile stored in the vehicle. It was pretty easy to do and figure out on the Volvo, but I have not figured this one out.

Ideally, I would like to unlock the vehicle with my key fob and have the seat/mirror settings match my stored profile, along with temperature and radio settings.

I assume it is possible to do this, but have not figured it out.

Any assistance i much appreciated.

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Have you downloaded and setup the Mercedes ME app?
This is how you would setup your profile and have all your settings stored.

If the vehicle is new from a dealer, then they should've already done this for you.
If you bought the vehicle used, then you need to go to a dealer and have them link your app profile to the vehicle VIN.
Thank you for the reply. It is a CPO and we do have a Mercedes Me app. I dont see where the profiles are stored but also I dont see how to match it to the key
You can't match it to the key... the dealer needs to do that. They should've done it when you took delivery.
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