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Please Explain Taillight Light Section

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I was driving behind my brother who owns a 2017 GLE 350 and a small bright red light was staying on around his left taillight only which looked like something was stuck on. It hasn't come back on since but I'm stumped. I've attached a picture and pointing to a small area at the bottom right of the left taillight that's half the hight of the white section. This section doesn't seem to light up during braking or running light usage. I can't find anything about it anywhere. Does anyone know why this small section of lighting would every light up? What is it for? Thanks.


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Taillight Light Explanation

Not sure if you have received an answer yet. I am new to this forum. I own a 2018 GLE400. That small section of red light on the lower left hand taillight assembly is M-B's version of a fog lamp. It is a very bright small lamp which is activated by a small push-button switch immediately to the left of the headlamp switch. It is meant to give some added warning to drivers approaching from the rear in poor visibility. When activated, a small headlamp icon appears in the right hand side of the gauge panel.
It's the rear fog light (only one side comes on - left side for vehicles with left-hand drive, right side for right-hand drive vehicles)
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