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Overheating GLE450

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I have a new GLE 450 and it’s already shut down once on the interstate and has been in the shot for a month. Got it back and it’s running oil temps over 250 and is almost redlined. Mercedes says it’s normal. The gauge the engineers built apparently was built so normal is almost 88% of the gauges total read, and not normal. Anyone else seen this?
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Hardly any 2020 GLE any info on this Forum. Try MBWorld, GLE V167. There are thousands of posts. This happened to another user and reportedly it was a painted ground terminal that caused the shut down. His was at the dealer about 2 weeks. My GLE 450 runs about 1/2 way on the temp gauge as I recall, will take another look next time out.
I currently have less than 650 miles on mine. It is in the shop for the second time. Oddly, both times it overheated were in line at the same bank branch. A water pump was replaced the first time. It is currently still being diagnosed from its second visit to the shop.
Mine is not overheating, but I have had repeated error messages stating the coolant is to hot and to shut engine off immediately. This message pops up repeatedly and after the vehicle has sat in my garage overnight. Vehicle has 5700 miles on it (owned since December 2019) and is in the shop for the third time for this issue...getting ready to pursue the Lemon Law as total days in shop not at 30.
Is it a common problem for GLE 450 to overheat? I want to buy one and I am looking for some opinions
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