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OM654 MB's I-4, 2L Turbodiesel

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The new 2L all aluminum diesel is very impressive from what I've read so far. I don't know when to expect it but I imagine that a twin-turbo iwill be added down the road to bring the torque up to 500 Nm to match the highest performing model of the OM651 2.15L engine that we see in 300d. That probably would also enable to 2L with its shorter stroke to produce more than 201 HP, all while running cleaner and getting better overall mpg as well. If so obviously the OM651 will no longer be needed but MB's 3L diesel may also be looking at the end of days depending on what the torque curve of a OM654 biturbo-diesel might look like.
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500Nm out of a 2.0L ?? That sounds pretty darn insane but extremely useful. I wonder where the power would peak around?
You may be right-- the OM654 that apparently is to be introduced in the E-Class as a 220d currently is 400 Nm @ 1600-2400 rpm with a single turbo at a lower pressure than the OM651. Getting 500 Nm probably would mean upping the pressure... but, the OM654 is said to be capable of injecting at higher pressures than OM651.
Hm... figuring out how much pressure they bumped it up by would definitely help a lot in trying to visualize and simulate what it'll be like. I'm sure if it's the same turbo though, we can expect peak to be somewhere in the same range though as it'll spool up the same way once turbos are the same size
OM654's fourth-generation common rail injection is said to achieve peak pressures of up to 2050 bar. By comparison, OM651 is capable of achieving rail pressures of 2000 bar.
It is apparently doable and hats off to MB if it can make it legal...

2015 Volkswagen Passat 500*N·m (369*lbf·ft) 1.968*L 2.0 TDI BiTurbo
Name suggestion (for MB's marketing department) if and when we ever see it for sale in a SUV --e.g., GLE 2d
Well… it looks like MB's making it happen in the EU for the 2020 model. No telling when anti-diesel states like California will prevent MB from bothering with a 50-state offering of this machine. It is, however, the only thing I see that would encourage me to trade in my 250 Bluetec.

The published HP of 245 HP compared to 201 HP apparently corresponds with MB's introduction of its latest version of the sub-2L OM654 I-4 diesel which for the GLE version will be just under 2L whereas the previous OM651 was just over 2L. The smaller I-4, however, maintains the 500 Nm torque spec but... the torque curve is now much broader as it now goes from 1600 to 2400 instead of 1600 to 1800.

The flatter torque curve should make for quicker 0-60 which isn't that big a deal in my driving experience but, it probably also will mean 70 mph at under 2K rpm probably is in the cards, which should translate into better MPG performance. And a lighter rig would help there too.

Instead of having a cast iron block, the new 'lil diesel has an aluminum block so it comes in lighter.

The HP increase comes from higher RPMs-- 4200 v sub-4K.
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The comparatively shorter stroke undoubtedly contributes to the latest I-4's attainment of the higher RPMs of >4000 which translates into greater horsepower. I'll be pretty interested to see the power curve on this latest all-alloy diesel technology in the freeway cruiser range. I wouldn't be surprised to see a more aero GLE with more aluminum body panels with weight-savings in the range of 700 lbs on it's current 5,000 pound beasty (e.g., an 'EMG' option), posting 33 or more 'clean diesel' mpg at speeds of 70-75 mph.
I'm upgrading from a w205 C250d with the OM651 (which was also in my 2011 facelifted w204 C250 CDI) to the v167 GLE 300d with the OM654... I'm sure the weight penalty will offset the gain from 150kW to 180kW and unchanged peak torque numbers, but hopefully it still feels gutsy enough to not be a step backwards.
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