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Hello, I’m a psychiatrist in central Ohio who recently traded in a 4-year lease on a 6-cylinder GLE 350 4MATIC (57000 miles) towards the purchase of a custom ordered 2022 Mojave Silver Metallic GLE 450 4MATIC with AMG Line exterior and AIRMATIC suspension, among other goodies. (Much to my dismay when I took delivery of the new car, I quickly discovered that the factory actually cancelled and credited the heated/cooled cupholders as well as the wireless phone charging. Huh?) The dealership is Crown Eurocars in Dublin, OH, which I hold in high esteem.

I placed my purchase order for the 2022 last October, and I took delivery a few weeks ago. Meanwhile, I spent hours reviewing YouTube instructional videos for the 2020+ models because all of the new features and the multiple display screens and functions can be initially rather confusing and overwhelming. The best introduction I watched over and over again on YouTube was “Mercedes-Benz\\GLE450 2020 Complete Comprehensive Review” by Rebecca Bowley with MB of Collierville TN. In my opinion, if you are contemplating a new GLE 350/450, you will do well to do some studying-up because learning and managing all of these complex new displays, functions and operations can otherwise be a recipe for distraction and accidents.

The leased 2018 was a bit of a dog in terms of acceleration and power. In addition, after a few hundred miles the “check coolant” light came on, and when I took it in for service, the service manager said that about a third of their MB vehicles showed this display, that it was nothing to worry about, and I brought it in and they topped off the coolant. The problem never occurred again, but I routinely detected the sweet aroma of antifreeze after parking the vehicle in my garage. Again, the check coolant light never came on again, and there were never any fluids puddling, but if it was a vehicle that I had purchased rather than leased I would’ve been concerned. I will also mention that from day one, the temperature gauge was always at one or two notches below overheating, but in 4 years it never went any higher and the vehicle never overheated.

As for the 2022 thus far, I’m in love for the most part. The turbocharged in-line 6 and mild hybrid is powerful and sounds great. The ride is very smooth, and the cabin is wonderfully comfortable. On the other hand, while the 2018’s audio system sounded great, I find the new Burmester system to be rather wanting. It lacks headroom and sounds rather dull. I will be looking into aftermarket speakers.

Thanks for listening to a newbie. I look forward to learning a great deal from this forum!
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