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Greetings all,
I bought my wife a used 2016 MB GLE350 CPO with 21k on the clock.
Please understand that I am and have been a high end GM guy for a very, very long time. Every single vehicle for my wife or myself since 1998 has been special ordered and delivered to me 7 +/- miles.
I always trusted GM to do the right thing and they did.
Fast forward to present, and she could not find a vehicle within the GM line that she liked. Looking at Fords or Dodges is blasphemy in my eyes.
I didn't think that Porsche or BMW had the specific type vehicle she should have/like, so they were out also. I suggested an MB.
I found a used 2016 MB GLE 350 within MB AutoNation here in Florida, had ALL the options, price was high, fell for the marquee....oops!
I personally love the vehicle and figured it a stepping stone towards higher end German engineering.
But.... my wife isn't thrilled with it.
"It's noisy".
It "drones on and on at highway speeds".
She says that she "hates it - but loves it" (only a woman can understand that statement). I say it is normal. Of course the dealership says it is normal. In my eyes, it is NOT normal for a premier German manufacturer of high end luxury automobiles to accept something SUB-PAR and call it "normal"
I think I have made a mistake.
If I can't resolve this, we will be "Lemon lawing" this vehicle and I hate that.
This is too bad because the level of technology packed into this vehicle is amazing (I am a engineer by trade - however my only complaint is that the seat position memory function per key fob could certainly take a lesson from GM).
What am I to do?
Go back and hound the dealer more? We have only had it 3 weeks.
Escalate it to MB North America?
Or walk away ...……..and take my losses?

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Just an update: The wife is ecstatic! The dealership stepped up to the plate and has agreed to fix the issue. I believe they revert the back side exhaust to the '15 ML series style exhaust exits.
I am pleased also.
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