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Hi all! Didn't even know that this forum existed, but great that it does. I'm in Wash. State and just got my gle400 about two weeks ago and I'm very happy with it so far. I had a ml350 but didn't like how it handled felt like I was in a baby carriage it swayed in the wind or power it had, and couldn't really change anything on it,so only had it a month:laugh:, so I'd say this is my dream suv :)
I think the dealer kinda of knew that, and ordered this one and it's set up just what I've been looking for off road package and air suspension,and amg. interior, only thing kinda could of lived with out that expensive speaker system, but I'll survive. Anyway glad I found you guys.
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Glad you found us too and welcome to the forum! Did you get a good deal on your gle400?
You'll be happy you're here the more you're here, these forums can be a valuable source of information, possibly what keeps us far more informed than the dealer.

Keep us posted on changes you make to it.
I'm from BC originally. Where in Washington are you?

COngrats on the new purchase. :D
I'm on the east side of the State by the Tricities!
New Owner as well

Hi Guys !!

I was on Mercedes Benz Forum under ML/GLE and I didn't see much information there. I stumbled upon this from News & Polls. It's great to be here. Hope I can get some help and questions answer as well as give back to the forum.
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