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I just registered to this forum to ask for your opinion.

I just bought a ml63 2014 58k miles for $41k from carmax.
It was pulling to right at the test drive. Sales person told me it was easy alignment fix and told me to schedule. Next available schedule was 6 days from the purchase.
So 6 days after they performed alignment but ml had same pulling to right problem. It felt like they didnt do anything to the car. I complained and they offered me to switch it for cls63 2012 41k miles for same price. It is being shipped from 500 miles away from where i live. ( they were nice enough to allow me to drive ml63 unlimited miles until cls arrives)

My question:

1)Should i keep this ml and go to mercedes service center and fix it out of my own pocket?

2) Those of you who have driven cls and ml(gle), is the ride quality much better on ml(gle)?

Thank you for your response
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