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Need advice on Mercedes GLE

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I am running a car rental service company looking for Mercedes car for rental services, is Mercedes GLE recommendable?
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Yes I would definitely recommend the car however is your rental service high end or basic?
Thanks, mostly high end like vip luxury car rentals.
My suggestion, get the Artificial Cow (Artico) interior as it will be easier to clean/maintain for your type of service.
Yes, it is pretty good, I like it a lot. I've used it for one week when I was in Europe, in Romania, it was a pleasure to drive it.
It is impossible to explain to you how nice and smooth is this car, you feel so comfortable and secure inside this car. My dream is to buy this new GLE in about two years. I just need to close 5 more deals with my clients and this car will be mine. When I was visiting Ukraine I rented a Mercedes GLE 2019 from,and I was amazed at how good is this car. It accelerates so fast that sometimes it is scary when you see that your current speed is 160 but it feels like your current speed is 60. I never had so many positive emotions from ranting a car. I hope one day I will be driving this car every day after I buy it.
Indeed, in such a car I would even go to Kamchatka, comfortable, strong, modern. What else do you need?
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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