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I brought brand new GLE 350 4 Matic from one of the dealership in San Diego. I hear the whistle noise from the driver side front door when drving above 60 M/H. Made appointment with the dealership for this issue and by the time I pick up my car has told it was fixed after a few times door adjust. When I drive back to home from the dealership, I still hear the noise.

1. Anyone had same issue and how did you solved?
2. Can California Lemon Law do the new car replacment for this issue?


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I realize this is an older post, but I have also noticed this on my new GLE-63S.
The whistling noise is a result of air passing by the outside mirror and then creating a vortex near the front corner of the window.

This isn't the first vehicle I've owned that did this... I had a BMW X6-M that did the same thing.
But it seems to be a lot more pronounced in the GLE...
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