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Mercedes is Working on a New Naming Convention, Again

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Mercedes-Benz has filed trademark applications in Canada and multiple other markets for a number of nameplates for both standard series production models and AMGs.

The German automaker has filed trademark applications for A 40, CLA 40, SLC 40, SLC 50 and GLE 50 in Canada, and has also filed to reserve CLA 50 in Germany and globally with the World Intellectual Property Organization. In the past, Mercedes has reserved two-digit nomenclatures for AMG performance models, but we have our doubts these are for AMGs. Instead, we think they are part of a revised Mercedes naming structure that could see it toss out three-digit nameplates, such as CLA250, in favor of two-digit ones like CLA 40, for example.
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Why can't Mercedes just be conventional like the rest and release real model names for their cars. Although its exciting to hear they have a new lineup on the way, its certainly getting a little complex to remember all the different 3-5 digit combinations. I was really excited when I saw a NEW naming convention...but its more of the same.
C180 - C320 - C240 - C280 - C350 - C32 - C63 C300 - C180 - C200 - C300 - C250 - C40... not expecting much of anything intuitively significant. I'd say something like, ML2.1d makes sense but GLE300d... not so much.
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