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Mercedes GLE Gets Dirty In South Africa

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Mercedes put the GLE Coupe through it's paces in the mud packed roads of South Africa.

Here's a slideshow of the GLE making it's way through some rough roads:
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It's not exactly the vehicle I would choose to take out on a trail like they show, but it's good to see that it can handle it. The percentage of GLEs that will ever see a trail like that? I imagine very, very few.
I think they did it as a test to see what it can do but I do agree with you on the fact that most GLEs will not see these trails in their lifetimes. The scratches made to the undercarriage sends shivers down my spine.
Exactly. I think that more people are concerned with keeping the GLA clean than getting it dirty.
I bet in places like south africa and india GLE owners might be more likely to come across dirty roads, but being someone that lives in a big american city... mine should stay mostly clean.
Dirty isn't the problem, it's the potential damage to the undercarriage. The writer also notes that the GLE makes for a more comfortable landing on bumps thanks to the sport seats and the front suspension. Most of us will probably appreciate it on speed bumps and the occasional pot holes.
Even if the GLE won't see those kind of off road trails I would still install a front and rear bumper protector.
What is a bumper protector? Is that a spray, or a full extra piece? I just wouldn't want to cover up the nice looking bumpers.
You can probably buy a piece of self-adhesive moulding trim and stick it to the underside of your bumper or you can try adding on the invisible car bra. They should sufficiently protect the underside of your bumper but even if it does get scratched, most people won't see it.
The spray on car bra seems like the best choice. It's invisible, so I think that makes it the best choice. I don't really like to add protector bits that change the look of the vehicle.
The spray on car bra may leave behind a tint but it should be fine if you limit it to the underside of the bumper.
It's no GLE but here's a guide on how to apply the spray.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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