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Mercedes GLC Coupe Spotted with Roof Storage Box On Top

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A Mercedes GLC Coupe prototype was caught on camera weaing a roof top storage box. The GLC Coupe loses trunk space due to its sloping roofline. The roof box will be an option for those who may want to recoup (pardon the pun) that lost storage space and practicality.

The standard GLC has 19.4 cubic feet (550 liters) to offer with the rear seats in place and 56.5 cu. ft. (1,600 liters) once you fold down the rear bench which has a 40:20:40-split. These figures are bound to decrease, but that won’t really matter for someone in the market for such a vehicle.

As you can see, the trunk’s size proved to be insufficient for this prototype which was spotted carrying a roof box while performing final testing routines. The car looks just about ready to drop the camouflage and most likely an official reveal is less than a month away at the Geneva Motor Show. To get an idea of how it will look once the camo will come off, the Concept GLC Coupe from last year is a clear indication.

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If they can make those available in body colors that will go a long way in complementing the whole experience and what you expect out of a brand like MB. If that ends up not being the case, i'll look into getting mine wrapped.
I know what you mean. But even if that doesn't end up being the case from the factory, what we do get is unique design and that's a big deal. Aftermarket roofing system brands keep designs quite basic.

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I probably won't use that roof box. It's pretty ugly in my opinion. Of course if I need to then who cares.
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