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Boldride took the Mercedes-Benz GLE 63 AMG S Coupe out for a first drive recently and has published their thoughts. Here a re a few of the good bits.

This is a 5,000-pound plus SUV that gives supercar-levels of performance. Yet it has three cows worth of leather, massive rims, and can seat five fully-grown adults, albeit shaved down to fit under the coupe roof. Where has AMG taken us?
AMG has worked all their magic into this SUV. The experience is a breathtaking one to say the least. Your mind can’t wrap itself around just how fast this SUV is. However, the best part of all that speed comes in the downshifts. The Mercedes engineers gave the SUV a nice loud “BRAP,” as the transmission selects a lower gear. It gives the SUV a more menacing personality, although we’re not sure if the Orange County housewives, who will be the vast majority of GLE 63 AMG S Coupe owners, will appreciate it as we do. They will however, appreciate the ride quality.
There’s no easy way to put it, but this SUV starts at $109,000. “Starts,” and that’s the base-level package. The price can quickly balloon up to nearly $130,000. And for an SUV that offers limited headroom due to its coupe status, limited off-road capability, and an engine that drinks gasoline at alarmingly fast rates, it just becomes entirely too much money.
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