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Mercedes-Benz Generation EQ is an All-Electric SUV Concept to Compete with Tesla

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Giving us a glimpse at its vision for emissions-free motoring, Mercedes-Benz revealed something of a Tesla-killer at the Paris Motor Show. The concept is called the Generation EQ, which, according to the press release, stands for 'Electric Intelligence.'

Beneath that coupe-like styling, this four-seat vehicle is motivated by two separate electric motors that provide some 400 horsepower and about 516 pound-feet of torque. Storing and releasing electrons as required is a lithium-ion battery pack that clocks in at more than 70 kWh, which is generous enough for a claimed driving range of about 310 miles.

Permanent all-wheel drive ensures the Generation EQ never loses its footing and helps it scamper to 62 miles an hour in less than five seconds.

Generation EQ is the forerunner to a new Mercedes-Benz sub-brand that will focus on electric mobility, ostensibly like BMW’s i Division. An entire generation of EVs is projected to be based on this architecture, which is modular with respect to size.

As for this design study, it rolls on 21-inch alloy wheels and features cameras instead of exterior mirrors. Inside, it showcases an all-new user interface, which almost completely eliminates traditional knobs and switches, replacing them with OLED displays and a touch-sensitive surface. A 24-inch high-definition display provides more information than most drivers could ever need.

In addition, the Generation EQ also comes with plenty of intelligent driver-assistance features as well as car-to-infrastructure and car-to-car communication capability. But what really matters here is not the latest technology because this is so much more than just a concept vehicle, it’s a harbinger for an entire electric product revolution at Mercedes-Benz.

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