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MBrace SOS

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:confused::confused:My free trial of SOS is up, I tried the full list of M-B Entertainment, Wifi, enhanced SOS, Concierge, etc. The package is something like $20+ / month. Internet was slow, MB Apps even slower to load, decided that the package is not for me. A conscious decision on my part to discontinue, Thanks MB for allowing me to try it.

Now every time I start the car my display in the center of the instrument cluster says "SOS Inoperative" Called dealer, called MBrace, called Tech Support, no one knows how to permanently remove this unwelcome "warning" message from my car.

Was told I have to bring car in to "perhaps disable this" This will be a considerable waste of my time, and cost me many hours, and perhaps they will want to charge me for this "feature" removal?

Yes, I can (and do) turn it off every time I start the car by pressing OK, but that is not the point. The message should not be there.

Anyone know how to stop the insanity?


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Really have no idea how to do it and even your dealership will need to take a look before before they can help. Doubt they'll charge you for it's removal since it's a programming flaw, or at least we see it that way. Could just call to make sure it's free before bringing your GLE in when you have time.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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