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I did a factory order of 2017 GLE550e in mid January'17 and got the car on March 22nd 2017. As soon as I got the car, I found that there is no remote start available for the car. Then the mbrace apps have not worked from day 1 till date and have called the dealer and the mbrace guys atleast 7-8 times and every time they say server is down. I have given up on that. Infact the dealer kept the car with them for 4 days and returned it back saying server is down. Absolutely no resolution. Worst part is now they have stopped responding to my calls.

Last week, my electric mode stopped working. Whole day I had to run on hybrid mode (basically it was on Gas mode). Evening I tried and all of a sudden the E-Mode started working. I keep on getting this issue very frequently where in the EMode is unavailable. When I call the dealer service guys they just say we understand your frustration and schedule an appointment to check the vehicle. Since I got the car, the car has been at the service center for almost 15-20 days.

After paying almost $85K for the car, was not expecting such a shoddy work/system from Mercedes.

Has anyone experienced this issue?
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