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DISCLAIMER: apologies if this issue has been posted already. I'm not familiar with "forums" and can't search effectively :(

In any case, I have a 2017 AMG GLE 43 with 8K miles on it. I've noticed that when making slow turns while going in reverse, I hear a knocking noise coming from the right front passenger wheel. At first, I thought it was the rims grinding on the pavement, but then I heard a pretty loud bang/knock which I could feel in the steering wheel. I've searched Google for similar issues, but they seem to be vague in their explanations/details/symptoms and/or they occur in other models not being the GLE.

I can hardly believe this is "normal" and I'm concerned that if this goes unaddressed, I'll be making things worse.

Anyone else experiencing this knocking? If so, what did you do?

TIA, fm.1899
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