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TopCar Design has revealed a new bodykit for the Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe named "Inferno". People will be able to see it in the flesh at this year's 2016 Geneva motor Show, but the individual parts are already available for order.

The entire package costs $21,900 with carbon parts and $18,400 without.

here's what the kit consists of: front bumper, new grille, spoiler for the centre of the front bumper, LED lights for the bumper, aggressive hood, front fender flares, front door panels, rear door lining and rear door panels with air ducts.

Looking at the car from the profile, additions include side skirts, wheel spacers, and a choice of alloy wheels.

At the back end: a rear spoiler, rear fender extensions, air intakes for the rear bumper and a rear air diffuser.

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