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Inferno kit for the GLE coupe

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Seems like they came up with an aftermarket kit called the Inferno.

It makes the car body much more wider.

I actually like the carbon fiber touch to it.

I wouldn't mind this body kit on the GLE. :D


"The massive, extended fender flares and hulking side skirts and vents make up for an imposing side profile and the front end also comes with a pretty muscular carbon fiber bonnet to complement the spectacular bumper and aggressive air intakes."

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Great looking kit and having seen the GLE in white, seeing this exact one in white with the kit should look really good. Only thing I might do differently aside from color is change those wheels. Sizing looks great but design can be better in my opinion.


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Which company came out with the kit in the OP. The front and diffuser remind me of the Prior-Design kit for the AMG GT
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