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How Long After Arrival to Dealership, Delivery Can Be Made?

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Hi. I've been waiting since January for my GLE 450 to roll into town and sit in my drive way. It's been a really long wait and I really should never have pre-traded my 2018 X5 as driving a Toyota Tundra everyday since then has been... ok, it's great to have other cars but trucks are not my thing. For instance, stepping up and into a full sized pickup wearing heels is a serious bummer I have come to learn. Anyways, I contacted the dealership today and the vehicle is scheduled to arrive anytime between June 9 and June 12.

My question: How soon after the vehicle arrives at the dealership will I be able to take delivery? Next day? Two days after receipt at dealership?

I'm climbing the walls. I figuratively hopped the fence at the dealership Sunday and peeked into the service bays and walked through the back lot hoping it was there but alas, it was not. I'm sure my husband will be happier than I am once this saga has passed.

Anyone know? Bueller?

...I'm being so dramatic, I know.
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