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Gloss black wheels- stock 21s

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..and here's the before

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Very nice! It helps to create a cleaner two tone with the black lower trim and now your wheels being in black. If we didn't have any black trim I would be in favor of the wheels being in its stock finish.
Agreed. I felt there were too many colors, and still too many. There's some chrome, silver, matte silver, dark plastic gray, gloss black...etc. I might hit a few more areas in gloss black, like the front lip and exhaust.
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I was even thinking to turn the chrome parts into black chrome by using tint film since that usually gives the cleanest results.
I feel like the black has to be integrated into another part of the vehicle to make it appear more cohesive.
Like the window trim and mirrors :nerd:
Like the window trim and mirrors :nerd:
and the roof.

The one part I like that's in a different finish is the rear diffuser. Being in a different color helps it to stand out and it's the sort of thing you might want to stand out.
I have seen the 450 AMG with night package in pictures (front lip and rear apron in black chrome). I am surprised that it is not an option in the US.

I thought about doing the same, but later decided to just leave it since I have black exterior and a little contrast is not bad.

DONK. have you thought about adding spacers, doing x-pipe or straight pipe, or any other mods?
Like the window trim and mirrors :nerd:
What type of window tint did you get?
Suntek 18%, close to matching the rears.
Hi Donk

Did you by any chance take a good look at the wheel bolts when you took the rims off?
I need the length and the seating shape of the bolt. Let me know. Thanks in advance.
Black gloss stock rims with red brake calipers
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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