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Gle400 suv

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Well I had a 2013 rx450h but it was reaching the 50k mark and was worried about future repairs, it was a great suv 32mpg and had sport and snow mode but was worried about the maintence and replacement on the battery and would I be saved:eek:if I was in the stream Knee deep in water, I think I just wanted to change. I purchased a 15 ml350 but only had it a month, lack of power when you needed it, swayed in the wind and rode like a baby buggy:( so when my dealer had a 16 gle 400 coming in I jumped on it. I live in the country where the roads are narrow many hills and need power on demand, the one I got has the off road and air suspension so I have comfort mode on the freeway slippery mode when the cows have been Grazing the road for the day :D or a snow storm and a sport mode when I want to pass that slow tractor or Prius driver and drive that mountain road. Then when I go on vacation in Utah or want to go hiking I have a moderate off road mode where it lifts up part way to miss those toadstools, and if I get lost on a desert creek road and a flash flood comes along and have to climb out of the ditch I have severe off road mode where the transfer case goes into low range and the body even lifts up to 11 inches so I can climb out of those places, also there is a skid plate so I don't knock a hole in the oil pan :eek: Also there is a individual mode so I can make up my own desired driving. I really like this gle400 and I'll be giving it a good test while I own it and not to scared in going on gravel roads and a few rock chips, oh I already went up this very twisty narrow gravel grade doing around 45 and throwing rocks about 30' and the tire clearance is set up right no damage or chips on the rear lower quarter panels.
It might not be everyone's Suv because it is a little pricey but for a all around suv it's the cats meow :nerd:
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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