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GLE400 SUV Wheel center caps

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I have a 400 SUV with the grey wheel inserts. I was unhappy with the look of the wheel with the standard blue center caps so I ordered a set of Himalayian Grey caps. I think the wheels look much better now.


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Looks like MB should hire you to join their design team :D
Have you noticed anything else about the vehicle you would want to change?
Yes mine has the same blue outset it matches the one on the hood. When you find one of them please let me know:confused:
HDGFND, My car has the LED light on the running boards and the lens covers are white plastic. They look terrible. It looks totally unfinished, as if they forgot to to remove protective covers. I am trying to figure out something to do with them. Rozahills, you can get the hood emblem in black instead of blue. It is mounted with 3m tape and can be easily removed and replaced.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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