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GLE350 SUV music won't reduce during navigation

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Hi All,

I'm new to this forum so please bear with me while I learn how to best navigate the forum.

The problem I have is that I'm listening to the radio while at the same time I've got navigation giving me turn-by-turn directions. When the voice comes on to tell me where to turn, I can't hear because the radio won't reduce volume. So the navigation voice and radio are competing. I've tried adjusting back and forth on both volumes. I also found an option which should make the radio volume reduce during navigation, but it only seems to work when the radio is really cranked loud.

Is it a problem with my own car, or is this a problem everyone has? How to resolve?

Thanks much,
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Is this on Garmin Pilot Navigation or Command?
On command it should auto lower when direction are spoken either in radio or cd. If not, you need to have the dealer update the command system.
In Garmin, I turn up the voice prompts louder then the radio so I can hear it.
Thanks for your response, RedFox. What I've got is Command. I went to the dealer and asked about the software, and they determined I've got the latest. We experimented further and found that it does turn volume down slightly, but only if the music is cranked way up. If the music volume is not cranked up loudly, it won't turn it down. I also noticed if navigation volume and music volume are set the same, it won't turn down the music. In that case it's still hard to understand the navigation voice. I found each time I drive with navigation and music, I have to experiment each time with both volumes until it works well. On the next trip, if I adjust the music volume, I've got to experiment again with the navigation volume. This is very frustrating. I wish it worked like the phone, where the music gets muted when carrying on a conversation. The music should mute when the navigation voice speaks. Unfortunately no way to do that.
I think GLE is still new to the market and there aren't many users/buyers to raise these type of issues. I remember on my 2008 C300; after I've updated the map pack in 2012 to bring the map to current; I noticed the music lowered as the navigation voice speaks and I got more GraceNote as I loaded CDs and played them. I was like WOW �� ����.
If you hang-in there, hopefully it will be in the next Map pack updates.

Same thing with me wanting to run a backup camera for my GLE 350. I think and hope to be able to use the same backup camera on my C300 in this GLE; but with no help/guiding with remove and access to the head unit and removal of lift gate panel.

It's sucks to be the 1st -�� But it's good to have other great members willing to lead a helping hands.��
Like redfox said, in Garmin you either play the radio in lower volumes or jump up the navigators volume. But in command the voice of your radio should reduce automatically when the navigator gives directions/instructions.
There shall be a brighter future.
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