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I do not recommend purchase GLE 350

Here is why ?

1- 13000km start - stop function failed. Car was shutting off at the traffic lights
2- Delar ship repaired then repeat 3 times same issue. vehicle stayed 2 months at the dealership then part arrive twice from Germany. ( Part from Germany. It is like jog.)
3 - After we picked our lovely GLE 18000 driving at the highway suddenly 120km/hr gear 6 stucked, we were almost fatal accident.
4 - Dealership and mercedes did not want help for replacement. We lost our confidence after 5 times issue brand new vehicle.
5- They changed quite few connectors cables and torque convector. We bought brand new GLE 350 for pleasure but we created monster for us.
6 - After sale - Customer service Canada Mercedes was very very bad. $98K value and lemon vehicle with you.
7 - We picked our vehicle again they do not help more than repaired. I am not sure what do do. If we are lucky, it will work or will broken again hope not on the highway with my family. Very poor SAFETY !
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