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So towing anything with brakes we all need a brake controller for the GLE....I have the Curt Echo. So this is about 8" long and the wonderful engineers in Germany designed the 7 way plug facing the ground at say 55 degrees. So when you add the Brake controller (8") and then add the trailer plug (3") and add tongue weight I'd say I have about 4" until it would come in contact with the road and break off. My suggestion is a 7 way plug extension which is 24" long and flexible like an extension cord, then add the brake controller and then the trailer plug and mount it all to the trailer tongue. Does anyone have an opinion or have a similar setup or am I just over thinking this or does no one tow with their GLE 43, 53, or 63 coupe? Thanks for any feedback.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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