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I have recently acquired my GLE 53 December 2021, so its about 4 months old. I started to hear a whirring noise the last few weeks when I was braking and coming towards a stop. The warring noise would be quite loud as it was shifting gears towards a stop. I took it to my dealer to have it checked out. The serviceman said the alternator battery was low was the reason. When I went to collect the car, he said he juiced up the alternator battery, and the sound is better though this is normal for this vehicle and I should get used to it. So I reluctantly took his word, and drove away. Now the sound is back to the original noise level only after a week of the service.
Does anyone else have this issue? I previously had a 2018 GLE 43, and had no issues during my ownership, and now spending another 120k+ on a vehicle with a performance engine, this noise should not be there. Any comments or thoughts on this would be most welcome. Thanks.
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