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Exhaust Pipes After Repair

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Here are my exhaust pipes after repair was done due to noisy/droning sound around 1500rpm.
The sound had reduced significantly but I'm just curious what it looks like before the repair.

Please share some pix before or after exhaust pipe repairs.



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Would really like to see what under/behind there looked like prior to the repair to make the comparison or to get an idea of what could have possibly went on
I'm not sure if it was a straight / directly-out connected to the bumper before. I remembered seeing a video on YouTube about the GLC having a fake muffler, which are not connected out to the bumper at all. That's why it's much quieter on start up compare to my C300 straight exhaust pipe.
Yes, please let's post some prior-repair pix of the mufflers...
Before, GLE 350 4wd with factory exhaust

I will take some better shots later, I am curious to have this done, as the noise, while "sporty" is not what I had on my previous MLs or what I would expect from MB's NEW improved flagship GLE......I read elsewhere on this thread that there were supposed to be inserts in the now empty bumper exhaust holes. Did you ask about that? Do you notice any loss in power? Also, your cat converter has a lot of rust for such a new car...was it like that before the repair or did they put a new/used one in?


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Looks like the only thing they did was put a turn-down pipe instead of the straight out the cutout version ?
Can you tell us how the car sounded after the repair was done?
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