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Hi Guys / Gals,

I have successfully install the running board for my 2016 GLE350 two days after bought it home. The whole job took me an hour from start to finish.

It an easy DYI:

To Removable:
Old side-skirt is as easy as removing 4 bolt-screws underside, un-snap the clips on the side-skirt then 4 bolt-screw to completely remove it from the vehicle.:)

Install Running board:
Only with ten bolt-screws for side and three main clip for the underside and a few snap-on-clips/points for the topside cover for the installation.

*There are No Guarantee / Warranty as per instruction on work performed on your vehicle. This is only do it yourself (DYI) instruction - Do it at Your Own Risk. Thank You.


1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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