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Hi Everyone,

As you know may my C Kompressor 180 2008 is now in a garage, with a corroded sub frame and other corrosion in parts. I wrote to MB, to see if they could cover it under their 30 year corrosion guarantee. However they have come up with two cop out clauses
1) Surface v/s Perforation corrosion-- I find this had to fathom and how can they prove it is not? Do they do any metallurgical testing?
2) Is that a lack of MB dealership servicing? At least this seems like a plausible excuse

Any idea on how to respond?
They should have a PDF about this 30 year warranty, I bet they have to refer to it on a daily basis. I gather that MB cars, specially the C series have a serious corrosion issue. Which is an obvious risk to human life and limb. Apparently the only reason they try and ignore it, as it may involve an expensive recall. Also even better, if owners just scrap their 10 year old cars and buy a new one, win win situation for MB

Cut and pasted their response below

Thank you for contacting Mercedes-Benz Customer Service.

I am sorry to hear you have been facing issues with your car. In relation to the 30 year warranty, Mercedes-Benz provides a 30 year Anti-Perforation Warranty. This warranty is specifically intended to provide assistance and protection should your vehicle develop perforation corrosion. This is a form of corrosion that develops from inside the vehicle itself, starting in a hollow section or cavity and continuing through to the outer layers leading to perforation of the exterior sheet metal.

Please note that this Warranty is not applicable in respect of the occurrence of any other form of corrosion. Therefore, surface corrosion caused by any external influence, such as stone chips or precipitation, is specifically excluded. In addition, for this warranty to be applicable the vehicle must have a complete service history with Mercedes-Benz. Therefore the vehicle must have been serviced in accordance with our recommendations by a Mercedes-Benz Retailer. As your vehicle has not been seen in the Mercedes-Benz network since 2013, Mercedes-Benz of Lincoln were correct to advise this would no longer be applicable on your car.

In regards to your further comments surrounding the part acquisition, I do sincerely apologize if any conflicting information was given and for any inconvenience this may have caused. We would however only be able to investigate this further if additional information was provided such as order reference and details of the second Retailer this was discussed with. If you wouldn't mind providing these, I would be more than happy to look into this for you.

Should you have any further requirements please do not hesitate to contact me or any of my colleagues.

If you are unhappy with this final decision or feel this matter is unresolved, you can seek advice with a CTSI Certified Alternative Dispute Resolution provider, including The Motor Ombudsman who may be able to resolve your complaint in appropriate circumstances. Details can be found at, or alternatively their telephone number is 0345 241 3008 selecting option 1.


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