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Hi All,

I'm in the UK and just coming up to 3yrs in my X5 and looking to buy a new GLE 350 de AMG Premium Plus, but I'm so confused about whether it has the heads up display fitted. I'm assuming not from the brochure which implies it only comes on the AMG 63 model, but why would they develop the dash to take the HUD unit only on one specific model without even making it an option to the others. Unlike when i bought my BMW when i had to add dozens of costly extras, I had hoped everything would be included with the Mercedes packs making far more sense than BMW's - yet it's a bit of a deal breaker if I can't get one - I've got accustomed to having one like in the X5, it's awesome!

Can anyone point me in the direction of anyone who may be able to help me find out if they're going to add it to the car, some websites say it's already on models but yet my garage thinks not.

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