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I did not see the 300d listed for 2017/18. Will it be offered?
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From what I heard it will be more so towards the end of the year, so maybe another month or so ?
Maybe near the end of the year when the Christmas sales are starting to start. Some people may be shopping around for a new car at that point, perfect time to release the 300d.
Actually it's the warm weather that really brings people out, as you move away from that and into winter, sales slow down, at least that has been the case with my experience on the service end.
Near the winter time sales do die out, people just don't like doing things in the winter. Quite simple.. it's real cold outside, no one wants to leave. That and there's salt on the roads, who would want to drive their brand new vehicle through that nonsense
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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