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2017 GLE 450 Coupe?

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I have had pretty bad luck with first model year vehicles (I have purchased a lot of them). Even though I know there isn't going to be any significant changes on the days the factory switches from 2016 to 2017, I really want to wait.

Anyone have any idea when I can order a 2017 GLE 450 Coupe?
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I'm in the same boat as you, I've had some bad experiences buying first batch cars and it has never worked out too well. Not too sure when ordering 17's can start though but it shouldn't be much longer ? I would say maybe a month, if that. I would call a dealer and ask them
At this point you should be able to, we're already well into August. Have you tried to contact your dealer and surrounding dealers to see what they have to say?
The 2017 GLE 450 coupe has been officially rebadged as a GLE43 - AMG. I picked mine up last month. Interestingly, the model still shows GLE 450 on my registration, so I guess it still carries that name. Don't be concerned about first year for a new model, I have absolutely no issues, everything is super refined. Remember this is essentially an ML class which has been around for years. Now it goes under the GLE SUV line with a modified roof line. Since it comes only as a modified AMG, it doesn't have the "signed" engine, but it does carry AMG badging, even on the display monitors and lighted door sills. The ride and handling is amazing, and Sport + mode is quite entertaining, to say the least. And that exhaust note is sweet; i.e. angry, the folks at MB spend a lot of time tuning that in. it is a really wide SUV and you need to be careful navigating in tight spaces including garages. More GLE43's are beginning to show up at dealerships, but they don't seem to stay around very long as the demand is strong. And the heated steering wheel & cup holders are really nice on cold mornings! Good luck with your search.
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