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2017-2018 GLE 400 Specs

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Does anyone know if the new 2017-2018 GLE 400 will have the 9G-Tronic? If so, does that change the Hp and Torque?
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The 9 speed 9G Tronic may be the only transmission available for the 2018s with an optional all wheel drive system but nothing is confirmed as of yet

I've received different statements from different dealerships. One says yes the GLE400 2017-2018 (build starts this month July) will have the 9G- Tronic and the other dealership says no, the standard 7G-Tronic will stay the same. Do you know where I can find the correct answer? I wanna order the GLE400 but only if it has the 9G-Tronic. Your thoughts?
There are a lot of articles that I'm really going by, here's one for example :

But, I mean they may not be definite because it's not technically a word directly from Mercedes
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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