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Originally Posted by GLEM View Post
Do you know what the levels are right before you go for your next service? As in, is there a lot to spare kind of deal?
The 2015 ML (GLE) AdBlue tank is 7 gallons and, apparently a lot to spare...

We've got a 2015 "250" with 47005 miles and prepaid service and it does get better mpg than our previous 35OBTC so it probably uses a bit less AdBlue every 10K miles.

The 40k service invoice says, "1/2 GAL OF ADD BLUE." Ditto for the 20.5K service. The 10.4K service says, "//CORRECTED ADBLUE LEVEL. 4 GLS"

So, I'm thinking MB's little diesel uses ~1/2 gallon of AdBlue every ~10K miles and the 7-gallon AdBlue tank is only filled with 3-4 gallons to begin with (or, perhaps 0.4 gallons were added at the 10K service).
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