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Scorpio 04-19-2019 12:37 AM

Thinking about a GLE 350
Hola, todo el mundo!
I am going to look at a GLE 350 this Saturday and I wanted to prick your prospective brains.
I need to what what I should be looking for when I buy it i.e known issues ect. What gas mileage are you getting in the real world? Most reviews i've read seem to show that the GLE is a reliable car, what are your thoughts on this?
If I missed this info on the forum a link would be appreciated.

Thank you everyone!

FloridaVic 10-07-2019 11:23 AM

I have a 2017 GLE 350. We love the overall quality, especially the smooth, quiet ride. Has plenty of power and great handling. We also love the Apple Car Play...we use WAZE as a navigation app all the time and play our own music...including Pandora radio. The gas mileage is not great...avg 21mpg and uses premium fuel. A $50 fill up is not uncommon.
We had a Toyota premium van...which for $48,000 included front and rear bumper sensors and adaptive cruise control.
To get adaptive cruise control on the GLE was part of a $7000 option package and thus very rare in dealer stock, even if you were willing to pay that stupid price. We miss those safety features.
We bought a CPO, which was $12,000 less than new and had a better than new warranty! That first year depreciation is big.
Overall I would buy one again despite the lack of some useful features and the high fuel costs.

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